Thoughtful Thursdays


Motivational Monday: Listen to Yourself

We read self-help books, follow inspirational Instagram accounts, and well, sometimes indulge in a motivational blog post ;).  Sometimes we are seeking answers in outside sources when the response lies right here, within ourselves.  Put more faith in your ideas, your beliefs, and values.  Have more faith in your ability to make your own decisions.  … Continue reading Motivational Monday: Listen to Yourself

Motivational Monday: Reflect, Reset, and Recharge

It's July. Do you know what that means? Yes it's summertime for most of us and all but most importantly..half of the year has gone by! It's hard to believe that just 6 months ago we were welcoming in 2017 and now we're halfway into the year. Remember the goals you set for the year? … Continue reading Motivational Monday: Reflect, Reset, and Recharge

Adventures in the Air 

Would you believe me if I told you airports are on my list of favorite places? Something about airports is so enticing. Perhaps, the same spirit of adventure that surrounds me lights up within me. The internal spark strengthened by the various languages and accents I hear. I'm intrigued, trying to guess where everybody is … Continue reading Adventures in the Air 

Thoughtful Thursdays: A Quote

Quote: "Not everyone is worth loving equally." -SB My interpretation: Do not feel the need to please everyone with everything.  Love should not be forced, whether it comes in crashing waves or light waves.  Let your heart be free to love as it does-- naturally and purely.  Not everyone is worth the same amount of … Continue reading Thoughtful Thursdays: A Quote