Motivational Monday: Make it Count (Repost)

Orange and brown hues adorn store aisles and a pop of green and red also.  'Tis the season for decorating, gift-giving, celebrating, and of course, seeing those people you rarely see during the rest of the year.  It's the holiday season!  Personally, it is not only the most wonderful time of my year, but it … Continue reading Motivational Monday: Make it Count (Repost)


Motivational Monday: Give Thanks

This year, I am thankful for 2017 being a year of growth. My past months have been filled with challenging yet rewarding situations. I am grateful for people, environments, and moments that teach me and allow me to grow and flourish. This week, I challenge you to be thankful for something, someone, or some circumstance. … Continue reading Motivational Monday: Give Thanks

Motivational Monday: Listen to Yourself

We read self-help books, follow inspirational Instagram accounts, and well, sometimes indulge in a motivational blog post ;).  Sometimes we are seeking answers in outside sources when the response lies right here, within ourselves.  Put more faith in your ideas, your beliefs, and values.  Have more faith in your ability to make your own decisions.  … Continue reading Motivational Monday: Listen to Yourself

Motivational Monday: Start Today

Too often we decide to delay our dreams. Time waits for no one and it certainly does not wait for us to act. It moves and sometimes, faster than we can even understand. While you are here today, in this moment, reading this post, think: what is that one thing you have been denying yourself? … Continue reading Motivational Monday: Start Today

Motivational Monday: Be Present

Nothing quite unravels me out of my bed like thinking of my day and the exciting possibilities that that lie ahead. For many of us, waking up is not that easy. We yearn to press snooze countless times and linger in the comfort of our homes. And those very moments of struggle we have to … Continue reading Motivational Monday: Be Present

Motivational Monday: Dream Out Loud (Repost)

I like to talk about dreams...a lot.  That's because I believe in ambition, drive, and purpose. Most importantly, I think that thoughts turned into actions are empowering!  Here are 2 things about dreaming out loud: Dream in Color Well, here's the truth: the world is not black and white.  I am sure you have heard … Continue reading Motivational Monday: Dream Out Loud (Repost)