Modern-Day Communication MistakesĀ 

Whether it's a text sent with no reply or a phone call reciprocated with a cowardly "What's up" text, let's face it, we live in a generation with poor communication skills.  As someone who likes to talk and carry out spoken conversations, I find it hard to forego replying a text message or ignore a … Continue reading Modern-Day Communication MistakesĀ 

WhatDoesSophieSay's WordPress blog turns 1 today! And while the time has passed by swiftly, it has nonetheless been a meaningful year.   As the blog's founder, writer, and editor, I have had the privilege of sharing my writing with you. This has been nothing short of amazing. Not only have I been able to inspire and … Continue reading

But first, fall in love with a mirror

Reflecting back to us what we look like, mirrors show us what we see-- or rather, what we want to see.Ā  Of course, appreciating everything you see in a reflection of yourself is essential to self-acceptance.Ā  Therefore, it is important that you see and cherish all of your beauty.Ā  For before we can grow to … Continue reading But first, fall in love with a mirror