Adventures in the Air 

Would you believe me if I told you airports are on my list of favorite places? Something about airports is so enticing. Perhaps, the same spirit of adventure that surrounds me lights up within me. The internal spark strengthened by the various languages and accents I hear. I'm intrigued, trying to guess where everybody is … Continue reading Adventures in the Air 


Motivational Monday: 3 Ways to Stay Positive

In a world where reality means defeat, sadness, and failures, how can one stay positive? Here are some ways you can stay positive and on the right track:   See Positivity By trying and trying again   True defeat is the act of not trying when you can create another chance for yourself. If many … Continue reading Motivational Monday: 3 Ways to Stay Positive

Motivational Monday: Keep it Real

Lying to yourself probably causes more damage than any other type of fabrication. Ever told yourself something so false that even your own self couldn’t believe it? Well quite often, I think we happen to disappoint ourselves by not meeting our own expectations. The reason being that we happened to believe in our lies. We … Continue reading Motivational Monday: Keep it Real