Exploring Haiti 

A beautiful window view of Port-au-Prince from high above  More photos to come...


Motivational Monday: Make it Count

Orange and brown hues adorn store aisles and a pop of green and red also.  'Tis the season for decorating, gift-giving, celebrating, and of course, seeing those people you rarely see during the rest of the year.  It's the holiday season!  Personally, it is not only the most wonderful time of my year, but it … Continue reading Motivational Monday: Make it Count

Good Stress v. Bad Stress

As a student, I am surrounded by people that are constantly growing and changing.  Functioning with such dynamic individuals, I have come to understand how expectations, upcoming deadlines, and set goals, can amount to much anxiety and stress.  While I have learned about the ways to deal with my personal stress, I'd like to share … Continue reading Good Stress v. Bad Stress