Smile :)

Smile, someone may depend on it today. You may be someone's light with just a smile.. Smiling is something I used to reserve for close friends and family.  Now, after experiencing my own dark days, I know the value of a simple smile on a 'bad' day.  And with that revelation, I try to smile … Continue reading Smile 🙂


Motivational Monday: Where is the Love?

The way things are going in the world makes it hard for me to believe that all human beings are capable of loving.  Yet somehow, I still have hope.  We must exist for a greater purpose.  I think-- in my hopeful mind-- that in order for us to recognize how to keep the love alive, … Continue reading Motivational Monday: Where is the Love?

Motivational Monday: Dream Out Loud

I like to talk about dreams...a lot.  That's because I believe in ambition, drive, and purpose. Most importantly, I think that thoughts turned into actions are empowering!  Here are 2 things about dreaming out loud: Dream in Color Well, here's the truth: the world is not black and white.  I am sure you have heard … Continue reading Motivational Monday: Dream Out Loud