Motivational Monday (Quote)

Humble yourself, knowing that your self tomorrow should be better than your self today.


Motivational Monday: Courage

3 Crucial Things to Know about Courage     1.  Courage starts from within Only YOU have the power to empower yourself.  Being courageous includes standing up to fears and having the strength to overcome difficulties.  You must build your own strength-- the strength to persevere and succeed.  How?  Stay positive, challenge yourself, and above all … Continue reading Motivational Monday: Courage

Motivational Monday: Build don’t Break

In trying to achieve success, wealth or power, people may bring down others-- indirectly or directly. If given the chance to break or build the character of others around you, always choose the latter. By building the spirits of those around you, you will bring about the best in others while building a strong circle … Continue reading Motivational Monday: Build don’t Break