Thoughtful Thursdays: A Quote

Quote: "Not everyone is worth loving equally." -SB My interpretation: Do not feel the need to please everyone with everything.  Love should not be forced, whether it comes in crashing waves or light waves.  Let your heart be free to love as it does-- naturally and purely.  Not everyone is worth the same amount of … Continue reading Thoughtful Thursdays: A Quote


Motivational Monday: Thank You World

As I approach celebrating another year of being on this Earth, I look back and reflect on how I have met so many great people in my life that have shared some amazing moments with me.  I cannot help but be thankful for the impact every single soul has had on me.  Everyone that I … Continue reading Motivational Monday: Thank You World

Motivational Monday: Keep It Simple…

How much easier is life when it is kept simple? It is much easier to live a simple life than to live in excess. Keeping it simple allows you to appreciate everything for what it really is and not what everything seems to be. When you are simple, you live easier and happier—happier because your … Continue reading Motivational Monday: Keep It Simple…